The Big Volcano Creative Methodology

The Big Volcano Creative Methodology

Step 1. Rapid Discovery

As they say: "you can't know where you're going until you know where you've been." Big Volcano wants to know your current marketing state, understand your product(s), who your customers are, who's your competition, your current marketing footprint and cadence; what's working and what isn't. After the audit, Big Volcano will synthesize the data and provide a two-prong plan which provides both quick wins and long-term sustainable ideas.

Step 2. Plan

Based on the rapid discovery, our team develops a marketing plan. Once a plan is agreed upon, Big Volcano works to develop a strategy to ensure smooth execution.

Step 3. Create

The team now goes off and develops executions based on the approved strategy. Big Volcano specializes in all digital marketing, local SEO, website design, email marketing, social media marketing, video, collateral, and content marketing. Once a concept is approved, it moves into produce and deliver.

Step 4. Produce and Deliver

Once concepts are agreed upon, the Big Volcano team moves into production and delivery mode. This is where photography and video are created if needed, and merged in post-production to make final digital deliverables. Once final deliverables are complete and signed off on, they are then released to the appropriate channel.

Step 5. Analyze Results

At the end of the campaign, Big Volcano will endeavor to get an accurate picture of how the different elements of the campaign performed in the context of the campaigns overall objective. Analyzing campaign end results is also critical to ensure lessons learned are documented so they can be applied to the next round of work to support the continuous improvement of your brand and products.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become marketings new bread and butter, and your businesses success depends on the right kind of strategy. Big Volcano Creative will develop a digital marketing strategy and processes for on-going maintenance which will help you acquire and retain customers more cost-efficiently.
-    Email marketing
-    Social marketing
-    Google Adwords
-    Review management
-    Social Media

Local SEO

Local SEO is a series of actions and strategies designed to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines when potential customers close to your physical location perform a search. Local SEO is also the most cost-effective marketing strategy a local business can employ to build its brand and growth.
-    SEO Audit
-    On Page SEO
-    Google My Business (GMB) Optimization
-    Facebook Business Page Optimization
-    Reputation Management
-    Business Listings Management

Web Design

Nowadays, your website is your second most valuable marketing asset, after your logo. A well-designed website is informative, navigates easily, delivers sales via organic SEO and has strong calls to action. Big Volcano Creative will design and develop your site using industry-standard platforms like Wordpress and Webflow.
-    SEO
-    Ensure brand consistency
-    Develop strong call to actions
-    Fast loading time
-    Mobile-friendly (Responsive)
-    Easy navigation

Customer Experience Marketing

Big Volcano believes it’s critical to understand your products customer experience. You're not just making an initial sale but locking in your customers for the long haul, harvesting your customer's full lifecycle value. Big Volcano works with your companies’ stakeholders to understand your current state CX and future goals. After the audit, Big Volcano delivers a gap analysis and customer experience map.
-    Understand customers by product
-    Assess the current customer experience and sales process
-    Understand product unique value proposition
-    Document all current touch point and their effectiveness
-    Develop a future state CX
-    Develop a content strategy that supports the future CX

Direct Response Marketing

Based on research and goals, direct response might be one of the channels in the go-to-market plan. Big Volcano has broad experience in direct response methodology, offer & concept development, and package & lettershop production.
-    Offer development
-    List acquisition
-    Testing methodology
-    Creative development
-    Production
-    Fulfillment
-    Result analysis

Brand Advertising and Design

Big Volcano combines research, strategy, and creativity to develop identities that make memorable brands and loyal customers.
-    Understand and develop your product/company's USP (Uniques Selling Proposition)
-    Develop marketing and creative strategy
-    Create mind blowing creative solutions
-    Develop metrics to gage success and plan improvement

Martech and Marketing Operations

As a company grows, it makes investments in marketing technology. In short order, a company can find itself with many platforms that may overlap or have systems which no longer meet their full needs. Big Volcano also has extensive experience with martech and marketing operations. We can quickly assess your current stack and help you make the right decisions based upon your future marketing needs.
-    Sales Asset Management
-    CRM
-    Marketing Automation
-    Web Content Management
-    Digital Asset Management
-    Marketing Resource Management
-    Product Information Management
-    Metadata and Taxonomy Development
-    Marketing Processes

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