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After star ratings, review quantity is the second most important factor in forming a consumer’s opinion of a business. Most people feel  comfortable with businesses that have at least 7 to 10 customer reviews 4 . Okay, so just stack up 7 positive reviews and you’re golden, right? Not necessarily.

Credibility and relevance go hand in hand: a whopping 69% of  customers agree a review must be written within 2-3 months to be  considered relevant.

Not only do customers prefer active review pages—Google does, too.  Google ranks web pages by degrees of freshness 5 . Queries about upcoming or recurring events require constant refreshment, as do searches for frequently fluctuating updates like“best washing  machine”or “Fiat 500 reviews”.

Due to Google’s preference for freshness, review signals are now the second most influential factor in SEO. “Review signals” include not just  quantity and freshness of online reviews, but several additional  elements:

Review velocity: How quickly your business is accumulating reviews, both on each site and overall

Review diversity: The number of third-party sites(not Google-owned) you have reviews on, as well as how many reviews are on these sites

Authority of third-party sites: Google bestows some review sites with greater  authority than others

Volume of testimonials in reviews: There views used in rich snippets--these  are the star ratings that show up beside your business in search results

Quantity of Google Maps reviews: Reviews originally posted on Google Maps,  where Google’s reviews first started

Relevant keywords: Keywords related to your product or service are helpful in  moderation–don’t go overboard with stuffing or it’ll come back to bite you

Quantity of authoritative reviewers: Posts from reviewers who are more  established on certain sites have more authority

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