Client: Agency 505
Project: Business Journal Banner Ad to drive new business
Client: MBNA America
Project: Multiple Platinum mailers
Samples Shown: MBNA was the first bank to create a Platinum MasterCard. The MBNA Platinum Plus card was introduced with this foil stamp glossy package. It was a hit, only problem was it's expense. A year after the introduction, we started testing package modifications and creative test packages to see if we could lower the cost per package (CPP) while not effecting the response and conversion rate.
Of the five test packages, we found we could move to a monarch size envelope for less, while increasing response and conversion rates. The most successful package was the "White Platinum Wave Package" with the printed Platinum Plus logo and card APR offer.
Client: MBNA America
Project: Develop a simple simplex laser form DM shell which was successfully used for hundreds of small affinity groups.
Sample Shown: Apples and Oranges
Client: MBNA America
Project: Develop a non endorsed gold package
Sample shown: The Gold #10 / Monarch test showed the smaller and less expensive monarch PKG had a higher response and net converted rate (NCR) than the more expensive #10 PKG.
Client: Parker Pens
Project: Increase Sales to Pharmaceutical Companies
Sample Shown: Box Mailer

Client: The Workbook
Project: The assignment was to highlight the illustration and photographic resources
Samples Shown: These are simple three mailers for The Workbook and Single Image resource book.
Client: ATT Universal Card
Project: Re-mail to potential customers who had not signed up for the card on an earlier round
Sample Shown: Caples winning DM Package

Client: Braun
Project: Mailer to customers who had sent to customers who had registered their purchase
Samples Shown: A/B split, half got the black envelope and half got the Christmas envelope. The envelope and cover color and copy were the only elements which changed.

Client: Citi Home Equity
Project: Mailer
Sample Shown: DM package for CIti Home Equity Loans

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